PUBG Coming To Copenhagen Games [UPDATE 15/03/2018]

Magnethead // 12/03-2018

[UPDATE 15/03/2018 - Tournament details, schedule and prize distribution is now live. More details to come soon! PUBG Tournament page]

In case you’ve lived in a cave these past months, PUBG is a thing, a very very big thing. And now this gaming sensation is making its way to Copenhagen Games as well. Together with professional and experienced PUBG tournament organisers XpulZ, we’ll be featuring two tournaments at this year’s Copenhagen Games.

PUBG - or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds - is fairly new to esport and it’ll be fun and exciting to feature the game this early in its life cycle. Together with our sponsor L33T, we’re putting up a 50,000 DKK prize pool and will feature two tournaments: a duo and squad format. Both tournaments start Thursday 29, Duo at 10.00 and Squad qualification at 15.00. Finals will be played on Saturday 31.

The PUBG by L33T GAMING tournaments fit 300 players in total and it’s first come, first serve so don’t hesitate but sign up now!

As mentioned, we’re working with L33T on this exciting project and they’re not only sponsoring it with us but will also be the official chair sponsor of Copenhagen Games. It’s no secret that L33T have a spectacular line of gaming chairs and we’re very excited to have them at our event. Not only will they add a nice spark to the visuals on our stages, they’ll also allow our top players to enjoy a comfortable time during their important matches.

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