Atea sponsors ATEA EDU CUP Live

Dvinuz // 26/03-2018

Atea supplies IT infrastructure and secures diverse and valuable solutions for many different technological problems. They invest in a diverse and responsible use of IT in all facets of society, now also gaming, which is why ATEA is main sponsor of our ATEA EDU CUP Live-tournaments this year at Copenhagen Games!

This combination of education, gaming and technology has long been a part of Atea's identity. They want to innovate education and strike a blow for game-based learning in schools. Atea was one of the pioneers to see iPads used as tools in the classroom and robots to help special needs kids, and lately they invented the Gaming-as-a-Sevice concept. Here Atea lease hardware to make it easier for schools to put gaming and game-based learning on the curriculum – to prepare students for an increasingly digitalised future.

That's why Atea is a great match as a sponsor for ATEA EDU CUP Live. EDU CUP Live is our special school event where all kinds of schools, national and international, sign up and compete for the 20,000 DKK-prize pool and the title as the top gaming school of the year.

”With ATEA EDU CUP LIVE we would like to show our support for the developments in the educational sector. We are very much looking forward to being at Copenhagen Games and meeting students, teachers, schools leaders and other people with an interest in gaming and esport, so that we can be even better at delivering the right equipment to the right people,” says Morten Bo Jørgen, Atea-director in charge of the public sector.

Atea will be present at the ATEA EDU CUP Live area all throughout Copenhagen Games. The area will contain - besides the two school tournaments in LoL and CS:GO – a wealth of activities, workshops and expos.

Participating teams at ATEA EDU CUP LIVE:

  • Bosei Benign
  • CSGO faxehus
  • eACD.Alpha
  • eACD.Hype
  • Femmøller Falcons Blue
  • Femmøller Falcons Red
  • Greve-Ghost
  • Hårslevs Hårde Hunde
  • KMG#1
  • KMG#2
  • SVS Venomous
  • Team AiS (NNY)
  • KBH SYD - De Flyvende
  • KBH SYD - Kys og Kram
  • KMG Oracle
  • Nofo FHS 1
  • Nofo FHS 2
  • The league of faxehus
  • The legends of faxehus